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There are three books that I am reading at the moment: Story by Robert McKee, Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, and Independent Film Producer's Survival Guide

by Gunnar Erickson, Mark Halloran, and Harris Tulchin. I’m reading these three books mostly to get myself to keep writing my screenplay.

In fact, I’m doing this blog because in Show Yor Work, Kleon suggests so. I want to share my work by beats, little by little- the messy middle. Sometimes I look around and I see that I have a lot of unfinished projects around me and I can’t get myself to finish any of them, but putting them out there will probably inspire me to continue and hopefully finish. The way Kleon writes his books are more like self-help for artists. with all the “YOU CAN DO IT!!!!“ fanfares in the background, and as a millennial, I love that.

I’ve had the book Story for a while now, but now that I’m back to write again, I feel it necessary to read it. So far I’ve only read the first part and I feel like I’m learning quite a bit. There’s a lot of analogies filling the pages, which at points I find tiresome. It occurs the same to me when I’m in an acting class and most of what the instructors say are analogies. I don’t feel like I learn as much with analogies as when I am told EXACLY what you mean. I‘ll keep the blog updated once I read more.

For the last book, I feel like is way too technical for my liking but that is the way the book needs to be. I don’t think I’ll read it from cover to cover. I’ll just read it as I go on the journey to produce my own film. “I have the script, now what?“, “I have the film, now how do I distribute it?”, and so forth.

What are you reading to keep yourself in artistic fitness?

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