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Are Drag Queens Modern Day Clowns?

Months after the pandemic started, I decided to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race from the very beginning, including All Stars seasons, and some of the international ones. I fell in love with the artistry of the drag scene; so much that now I want to try it as well. But something that I noticed is that I pay a lot of attention to queens that are way bigger than reality. The ones that take drag to the extreme, considering that drag is already taking reality to the extreme. In this post I’ll try to see what about the queens I wrap my head around does so. This is not by all means a review on these queens but more like observations, and what from them inspire me when it comes to write my screenplay. There are other queens that transport me to the world of fantasy as well, but these are the ones that I find the most inspiration from.

The first queen I noticed that was bigger than life was Sharon Needles ( This queen was not afraid of being out of the norm, so much that other contestants and even the judges questioned if it was even drag. I liked how she didn’t even attempt to look human most of the time.

Later on came Bianca del Río ( She calls herself a clown and her make up does so too, but she is more on the human side than other. Her type of comedy (insult comedian) makes her a villain of some sort, but in general she’s really nice.

Also, there is Thorgy Thor ( Everything about her drag just screams CLOWN.

Several seasons later came Sasha Velour ( Her drag is as glamorous as it is extravagant; not so much as a clown, but the fantasy that’s inherent in her drag transports me to that world. Her makeup, the way she dresses, and her demeanor, are pretty much a work of art all together.

Then, there is Yvie Oddly ( just like Sharon Needles, her drag is mysterious and on the dark side some times, and like her name suggests, is odd.

More recently, I fell in love with Crystal Methyd ( This queen truly goes to the cartoon side of drag. I love how she does her lips And how she takes modern references and transform them into her drag.

Last week, Drag Race España premiered, and mi favorite from the initial trailer was Hugáceo Crugiente ( She is the quintessential clown drag. She even reminds me of Cirque du Soleil. If I ever do drag, I want it to be like her.

After going through these queens and see what inspires me from each of them I realized that drag queens in general are modern day clowns. They are dramatic and daring. People of all ages can be entertained by them, and some are afraid of them. They are an exaggeration of real life. They wear tons and tons of makeup that exaggerates to the extreme what humans look like in order to show certain emotions. And they wear clothes that are not meant for their human body, they are meant to be ill fitted or fit the altered human bodies they make for themselves

I am even thinking of creating characters based on these queens within my screenplay. Let’s see where it all goes!

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